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220v AK-RK04SE-220 RF Wireless AC85V-250V 4CH 1 Receiver 2 Transmitter With 4 Buttons

220v AK-RK04SE-220 RF Wireless AC85V-250V 4CH 1 Receiver 2 Transmitter With 4 Buttons

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RF Wireless AC85V~250V 4CH 1 Receiver & 2 Transmitter With 4 Buttons 315/433MHz
Product Description

1.Standby current: 10 mA
2.Maximum load: 1000 W/r
3.Working voltage: AC 85-250 v
4.Circuit board size: 107 *48 * 21 mm
5.Work frequency: 315 MHz / 433 MHz
6.Working way: Jog , self-lock and inter-lock
7.The working voltage range: 85 - 250 V, it can meet different customers’ need at home and abroad.
8.Static low power consumption: 10 mA, Generally speaking ,RC Buck more than 40
9.The high-voltage isolation, and low-pressure part of the security
10.More durable than RC Buck
11.The remote control switch with high-quality switching power supply module, it is more stable, reliable and safety when compared with traditional RC Buck switch.

1.The 4 CH wide voltage multi-function remote control switch with four 10A Relay, it Can load high power appliances,
2.With learning SCM decoding can learn kinds of remotes(2260,2262,1527,2240,1530 etc.),And oscillation resistance to adapt to wide range,
It can make the customers not be in trouble when they use switch to match with different remote control ,and need to change corresponding parameters,
3.you can change the output way by jumper cap , jog , self-lock and inter-lock,easy to use, for a variety of purposes in a number of areas,Switch internal reserve normally closed output port,
4.Still can adapt to the special purpose of the customer, Output voltage, output switch signal with adjustable,it can meet different users’ needs ,Shell input and output separated, easily distinguishable, The exterior is delicate with fixed bracket, installation is simple and convenient,
5.Mainly used in lamps and lanterns, electric door, window, lifting equipment, motor control, water pump, gateway, hoist, industrial control and security industry, and other fields,
6.Learning method:
Hold learning key three seconds,it means it has been putting in the study when the indicator be off ,
Then loosen the learning key, press any button of the remote control, the light will flash four times, it means studying successfully when the light keep lighting,
Note: the controller can learn fixed code/learning code etc 16 different code, and any key remote controls, if beyond, it will clear the first studying remote controller.
7.Removed method:
Continuously hold learning key about 8 seconds, the indicator
Will be off to on, it means it has been successfully removed
8.Output working way switching by jumper cap:
1jog---the jumper cap is non-occupation, JP1 and JP2 do not connect either
2,self-lock—connect JP1 and JP2
3.inter-lock—connect JP2 and JP3
A.Jog---- press one button is ON . loosen your finger on the same button is OFF .need one channel switch and one buttons remote control )
B.Self -lock----- press one button for one time is ON .press the same button again is OFF need one channel switch and one buttons remote control
C.Inter-lock-------press one button is ON , press another button is OFF . (need one channel switch and 2 buttons remote control

The item has two working frequency:315MHz or 433MHz,please tell us the frequency you require via message. Or we will mail one to you at random.