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LCD USB Charger Doctor Voltage Current Meter Mobile Battery Detector Power Tester

LCD USB Charger Doctor Voltage Current Meter Mobile Battery Detector Power Tester

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Color: White
Tester three dimensional size 60 * 28.5 * 15mm (without cable), about 14 cm length of the line
This test can be a USB charging current, voltage, discharge capacity, intelligent devices.
It can be very easy to find digital device charging problem.
Input Voltage: 3V - 7V/50mA-3500mA
Output: 3V - 7V/50mA-3500mA
Input current: <3.4A
Parameters that you can test: Voltage of battery.
Communication function: Yes
Parameters adjusting fuction:Yes.
Equipments for parameters adjustment: One electronic load, one constant current source.
Voltage of constant current source should be setted to 8.5V <Vc< 10V(Proposal 9V). Electronic load should be setted to CC model (Constand current model. There are 3A, 2A, 1A and 0.3A models for current adjusting.

Here is a example for 3A:
When you set electronic load at 3A model, the current will be adjusted step by step. It will cost you about 10 seconds and you can see the result changing procedure in the LCD screen. When you see the 3A result shown in LCD screen, the adjustment process is finished. You can shut off the electronic load and the parameters will be saved automatically.
Clean the data: Push the button until the parameters changed to next sets of parameters. Then release the button. Then the next sets of parameters will be started and they will start from zero.
Check the parameters: Quick beat the button double times (within 0.5s), then it is checking model. The LED background will be flash. Then you can see the next set of parameters in LCD screen. Quick beat the button double times again, you release the parameters checking model. LED background be be light with flash.
Over voltage or under voltage: An arrowhead will be shown in LCD screen and LED background will flash. Push the button and LED will be light without flash. It will last 30s.
The LCD screen will show all parameters within 1s when you connect power supply by Micro USB or male plug of USB with wire. (It is to check whether the LCD screen is good or not). Then you can see the parameters used last time (capacitor and which set of parameters). You also can see the current voltage, current and over voltage or under voltage. Please see following illustration.
The button on the tester is used to view and test data switch, the tester can store 10 groups of test data
Application examples Because mobile phones and digital devices at low battery or full charge, the current and voltage is not a stable value, the application example of the discharge device is a USB 1A or 2A discharge resistor.